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Heidenheimer, Texas

RJ's Dr. Grabow Pipe Information Home Page

Dr. Grabow Pipe Information Home Page

Welcome to the Home Page of R.J. McKay. The purpose of this page is to share information, primarily about Dr. Grabow Pipes, but will also contain information on some personal favorite Texas railroads, and some air brake stuff. I am by no means an expert and welcome information from others concerning these and other subjects. I'll probably never attain my goal, but I would like for this site to serve as a "clearinghouse" of information, particularly that NOT FOUND readily from other online or printed sources. This site is currently undergoing some major reconstruction as I was forced to shut down my old site and start a new one. Please explore the pages and return often for updates -- AND DON'T HESITATE TO EMAIL ME with your comments about this Web Site or any of its contents.


Please be patient as I find the time to update and organize it and add photos, links and things.

First of all, although I didn't start out with it in mind, I would like to dedicate this entire work to the CURRENT AND PAST EMPLOYEES OF DR. GRABOW, BOTH IN CHICAGO AND SPARTA. I can only hope my feeble attempt at capturing and recording just some of the colorful history of this American icon will help tell their story and honor them.

Second, I would like to thank my good friend and partner in this for over five years, David Bridges (DRB), for his friendship, knowledge, research and patience, not to mention his inspiration! His contributions are enormous and largely uncredited. I also would like to thank a more recent addition to the "team", Tom Martin (TM), for not only being a "mover and shaker" that gets many things done at once, like the popular Dr. Grabow Collector's Forum which he started, but for also being a big inspiration to me and above all, a motivator that prodded me off my lazy butt to get some things going that had long stalled! In just a few hours, Tom did things I have tried to do for years and some things I never even dreamed of!

Finally, my thanks (or more properly OUR thanks) go to several Dr. Grabow employees who devoted their time and knowledge as well as their patience when they were interviewed for information. My personal, heartfelt thanks goes to one Dr. Grabow employee in particular, Tom Douglas, who has not only shared vast knowledge in employment spanning almost THIRTY YEARS, but had become as good a friend as can be had without meeting someone face to face. He has given much of himself in providing tons of Dr. Grabow information from the Sparta, North Carolina operations both on this website, and on the DGCF where he continues to provide information and answer questions for Forum members. If you find information on this website that is factual and accurate, there is a high probability it came from this employee -- any errors would be mine in misunderstanding or misquoting it! Tom said to me early on, "I'm not going to write a book. You are doing what I wish I could. Remembering Grabow. The employees deserve this rememberance. They were the finest ever!" {emphasis mine} That continues to be a guiding principal here and an "employees section" is being worked on where an "honor roll" of employee names will appear, along with photos, stories and info contributed by employees and friends and family of employees.

The information that will eventually be placed on this page will be primarily the results of research done by fellow Texan and Dr. Grabow collector/enthusiast, David Bridges, and myself. We were both amazed at just how little information there was available about such an American icon as "Dr. Grabow" and actually shocked at how much well-intended misinformation there was out there. Of course, we are always trying to learn more about the history of the pipes, their manufacture and the men and women behind them. Fellow fans, EMPLOYEES of Linkman's and Dr. Grabow, FAMILY of the principals behind the company at various stages of its history, please contact us and share what you know.

This site IS NOT AN OFFICIAL COMPANY RELATED DR. GRABOW SITE. It is simply a labor of love from a Dr. Grabow pipe fan. This site is not an endorsement of pipe smoking (though it's the ONLY classy way to smoke tobacco other than perhaps, the cigar), nor an endorsement of tobacco products or their use (although I see no problem whatsoever with the MODERATE enjoyment of said products in pipes and cigars, and neither does my Doctor). If you must know, I HATE cigarettes -- especially ready-rolled -- and I despise chain smoking. Moderation is due in ALL things, whether it be smoking, drinking or eating.

Dr Grabow Pipe Information and stuff:

For additional information and for great discussions about Dr. Grabow Smoking Pipes, check out the Dr. Grabow Collector's Forum!

Ajustomatic Feature

Briar 101 and 102

Cleaners (stingers)

Dating Your Dr. Grabow

History, Timeline to Get the Feel

History, Overall by D.R. Bridges

History, Chicago Operations

History, Sparta Operations

The People Behind Dr. Grabow Pipes

Dr. Grabow PHOTOS -- take a virtual tour of the FACTORY!

Pipe Factories

Pipe Names (the seperate lines)

Pipe Shapes

Pre-Smoking Machines

Spades and Trademarks


To find out about NEW Dr. Grabow Smoking Pipes, check out the OFFICIAL Dr. Grabow web site!

Contents (Other Interesting Stuff):

Railroad Air Brake Stuff

Alaska Railroad Photos

Austin & Northwestern Railroad Photos

Bozo Texino -- Have you ever wondered?

Central Texas Railroad Photos

Texas Railroad Depot Photos

Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT, Katy) in Texas Photos

Rockdale, Sandow & Southern Railroad

Santa Fe in Texas Photos

Stephenville North & South Texas RR

Temple Northwestern Railway

My Old Cars and Stuff Photos

This page was created in WordPerfect 7.0 way back in about 1996, edited in Netscape Navigator before uploading and is now edited and maintained in Microsoft Notepad. Last Updated on November 9th, 2011 by R.J. McKay. Comments welcome!

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